Chevron Intranet

Rethinking the intranet.

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The ask.

The initial ask was to update the current intranet to fit the new brand that was launched in 2014. Our client also asked us to consider what could be done to the intranet in the next year or two. How might we improve the intranet to drive strategy, engage and inform employees worldwide? 



An independent study found 22 min. timesavings in improved taskcompletion per day.

Key painpoints.

Branding & Website Re-launch.
The intranet needs an update to align with new brand and website standards.

Information overload.
Chevron’s employees are overloaded with information from their team, location, business unit, corporate.

Siloed/fractured navigation.
Different teams have different intranets with different designs, making it hard to comprehend and navigate.

Build & manage overhead.
With large amounts of information and functionality, the development and maintenance of the intranet is a big project. 

The final product.


Chevron news, customized and tailored to you, your day, organization, location and linked to your peers.


Highlight the internal network by making it easy for every Chevron employee to have a voice.


Bring all apps an employee could need into one portal.

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